Strategy consulting, leadership training, and retreat facilitation for mission-driven organizations.


My goal is to help people step into their life’s work with a sense of inner peace, grounded in their principles and communicating with clarity and bravery. I work with clients to help them develop a leadership style that inspires collaboration and enthusiasm, so that teams and organizations can be more productive.

My work is built on three core values:


Problems, conflicts, challenges, and opportunities arrive everyday. Our reactions and choices dictate the life we lead. Instead of waiting to see what happens, develop a strategy for creating the future you want, and step into growth.


Rather than seeing conflict as a battle of adversaries, cultivate compassion and empathy for all involved, repairing relationships and building trust.


Leadership often means doing the right thing—whether for yourself, for the organization, or for the movement—even when those choices are difficult or unpopular. Communicate truthfully, make tough decisions, and choose calculated risks with open eyes.

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