Strategy Consulting for Mission-Driven Organizations

Organizations trying to change the world are often faced with an ambitious mission, limited resources, and uncertainty about how to be most effective. We partner with you to help you identify strategies for navigating complex organizational challenges, develop systems and tools for better decision-making, create a talent pipeline, and increase your impact.

Strategic Planning for Mission-Driven Organizations

We use a light-weight, nimble approach to strategic planning that can help organizations of every shape and size become more coordinated and impactful. Partnering with your team, we’ll help you clarify your mission and vision for the future, identify the hard questions and future challenges you face, and identify a few key objectives that will advance your mission as well as the activities that will support those objectives. You’ll walk away with a clear, written plan you can share with your entire team, new employees, and funders. The process itself will create opportunities for collaboration and team-building.

New! Foundations of Nonprofit Management: Part One

This course brings together fundamental concepts of management and a discussion-driven, experiential format to give participants the chance to develop their own unique management style. We’ll meld management concepts and philosophy, such as why you need a vision of change, with extremely practical skills, like structuring effective performance reviews.

This class is ideal for managers—either experienced or new—looking to hone their skills and learn from others in nonprofit leadership roles. It offers many of the benefits of direct management coaching while being significantly less expensive than individual coaching.

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Leadership coaching and management training

We offer one-on-one sessions to help you become a stronger, more connected, more impactful leader. This includes:

  • Identifying your values and purpose in life, and using these as a guidepost during times of complex choices.
  • Developing a personal mission statement.
  • Self-care for managers.
  • Support during transitions.
  • How to receive and offer constructive feedback.
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence.
  • Managing through conflict and crisis.
  • Healing after failure and rejection.
  • Taking your team and organization to the next level.
  • Cultivating greater self-awareness.
  • Strategies for addressing broken trust relationships in the workplace.
  • Reframing conflicts as win-win collaborations.
  • Identifying barriers to productivity.


We offer customized facilitation services for groups, organizations, and teams. Our focus is on identifying group priorities and building a customized meeting plan based on the needs and interests of participants. Please contact us to learn more.

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