It’s been a busy year for Groundwork, and I’m pleased to say I’m now booking many months out. I’m currently booking up 2018, and the first half of the year is already locked in. I will have one opening in October of 2018 and a second opening in January of 2019. Note that I strictly limit how many clients I take and tend to work with each group or individual for 2-12 months. While October 2018 may feel far away, it’s not!

I’m increasingly focusing on retreat facilitation and organizational audits, but also happy to talk through other management, leadership, and organizational challenges you may be having.

Interested in transforming your organization and leveling up your nonprofit management game by working together? Please reach out and we can start planning today. Even if I don’t have capacity to take you as a client, I’d be happy to hear about your challenges and refer you to someone else in the field.

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