I’m excited to announce that this September I’ll be teaching a course in nonprofit management. It’s designed for managers and leaders who are looking to improve their skills and take their management to the next level. It introduces a range of management philosophies, concepts, and best practices, and offers practical tips and exercises to help integrate those ideas.

The whole class is remote, so you can participate from anywhere. It’s scheduled for Fridays at noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, each class 90 minutes long, and will last 5 weeks.

I’ve workshopped the materials for this course over the last year, and the truth is that there’s a lot more than five weeks of material I want to present. I had originally designed this to be a twelve week course. However, after getting some feedback from a few nonprofit managers (who, let’s face it, are super busy), it became clear that a twelve week commitment was too much to take on. I’ve thus split the class up into bite-sized pieces. I’m piloting the first section in September, and I’m accepting applications now.

If it’s a huge success, I’ll offer Part One again, or offer Part Two and Part Three to graduates of the first class.

The class structure requires that the cohorts stay small and intimate, as a lot of the class design is driven by discussions and exercise.  For this first course, I’m seeking to build a cohort of nonprofit leaders whose experiences and perspectives will benefit one another. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out an application.

If this appeals to you but you have a scheduling conflict or aren’t sure you can take on a class right now, drop me a note so I can keep you in mind for the next class.

This is a bit of an experiment for me. My work in management consulting in the past has been delightful but a bit unpredictable. Often, I’d go a month or longer without anyone contacting me for a contract. Other times, I’d get multiple requests for a contract, coaching gig, or retreat facilitation at the same time, and I’d have to turn down one or more potential clients. My hope with the course format is to build a sustainable rhythm for supporting nonprofit managers that works for my schedule. It’s also structured to be more affordable than one-to-one leadership coaching with me, which I think is important.

The class starts Friday, September 27, 2019. Learn more here.


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